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Impact India 360
Happy Journey!

The team is in Schipol Airport in Amsterdam waiting for our final flight home. It’s been an intense couple of days, filled with tying up loose ends on our projects – mostly focusing on crafts with the JEMS kids and getting the final few images that tell the story of CEM.

The team took a little time out Thursday afternoon to visit one of CEM’s lesser known ministries, but what may very well be its most impactful from a Kingdom standpoint. In the last twenty years, Jaya has planted over 500 churches in villages all over Andhra Pradesh, and the team had the chance to visit one of those churches on Thursday. Everyone agrees that the visit with Pastor Solomon Raju and his community was one of the best experiences they had. The ride back through some of the countryside gave us a taste of India that few ever see.

Then was the bittersweet hours before our departure. The children always get a little clingier a day or two before we leave, wanting to get one last bit of personal attention before the Americans go. We would hear either “No go to America” from the kids who weren’t quite ready to see us go, or “Happy Journey!” from the ones who were a little more seasoned and knew that some of us would come back. There were a lot of hugs and a lot of promises that we would return – I certainly will.

But it is time for us to come home to be with friends and family and to somehow integrate the last week’s experience into our lives. Whether you are a veteran and rookie traveler to CEM, you never come back the same.

Thanks so much for your prayers and support through this journey with us!

– Chris C. for the team