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Home Away From Home

Thirty five hours of travel with minimal sleep, yet upon arrival to Christ Evangelical Mission (CEM) something within me jumps to life. Maybe it is prospect of reuniting with what are now old friends at CEM. Maybe it is the anticipation of all the “God moments” that will be shared with my Indian brothers and sisters. Perhaps it is the immediate showering of love that is felt as I get off the bus at CEM’s gates.

Whatever the case may be, I found myself jumping right in with the children housed at CEM with a lesson on how to do the Macarena. Corny and not vey religious to say the least, but they loved it! To me that is what matters most. Hearing the children laugh and seeing the smiles on their faces makes the difficult travel more than worth it.

Thanks to all our supporters for all your prayers. Keep em coming!

Greg G

One Response to “Home Away From Home”

  • Shhh, the second wind, or is it slap happiness? I’m with you, I believe it is the love of Christ pumping through us that regenerates us as soon as we see our friends! Love you, & them!