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In My Weakness

Really God? You want me to do what? Don’t you remember all of the many foolish things I have done and the many times I turned my back on you confident that I could get through this life on my own? But despite all of my wanderings you have me in a place of serving and loving people in your name, and in my weakness helping to strengthen others…

This is a conversation I have had with God on more than one occasion and I continue to be amazed by his unwavering grace and love – that I, a broken person, would be worthy to carry the work and the name of Jesus all over the world. But that is precisely the message that he so desires for us to understand.

Our image of God cannot be one of him standing over our shoulder recounting the wrongs we have done, or that he is waiting for us to become perfect before we can answer his call on our lives. Rather his message is that in our weakness he is made strong – and all he asks is that we are willing to get off of the sidelines and into the game where he can work through us to accomplish his will.

I am humbled to be a part of Jaya’s ministry here in Dowlaiswaram, India, and this week alone I have had the privilege of being a part of some of the most amazing happenings (pictured below).

For a few years now I have been talking with Jaya and together we have prayed about how we might be able to serve the elderly people of his village. I have learned much about how the older generation is treated in India and how very few programs exist that offer hope. On Monday we had the privilege of dedicating the Agape Old Age Home – a program that offers food, shelter, clothing and medical care for the precious elderly.

This week also marks the beginning of a new program for pastors (former graduates of the Missionary Training School at CEM). These pastors have planted churches in their villages throughout the state of Andhra Pradesh, and are sharing the love of Jesus often amidst challenging circumstance. Yesterday we conducted a ceremony where we prayed for 10 such pastors and presented them with a brand new motorcycle and musical instruments for their church. Additionally each pastor will be equipped with Bibles, training materials, a new cell phone and one year’s salary!

Last but certainly not least was the medical camp conducted in a neighboring village today. At this camp more than 500 people were offered free medical care and medicines as a part of a weekly program that will move from village to village. People that come to the camps are suffering from a variety of illnesses and the majority of them do not have the means to receive treatment. Through these camps people see the love of Jesus in action.


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