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Up on the Roof

This is our last full day at CEM. It has been a full and rewarding week.

I have developed a pattern of going up on the roof in the morning right after breakfast. It’s the spot where WIFI access is possible. A short connection with home and a chance to look over the city. What a study in contrasts! This is a place where Muslims, Hindus and Christians intersect. We hear the Muslim calls to prayer multiple times per day and the drums of the Hindu celebrations outside the gates of CEM. This is all mixed with the worship songs of the children.

The children are beginning to line up for the walk to school. This activity has quickly become one of my favorite activities of the day. It’s a time to walk through the community and engage with many of the kids. The kids love to teach Telugu vocabulary (pig, water buffalo, house, nose, ear, mouth, etc) while we walk. There’s even time on the walk for a quiz to see how much I have retained!

Time to run! There are only two more opportunities to do this with them.


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