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Seek His face

“Seek His face (first before asking for something). Just what the doctor ordered. Dave Droste spoke about this at chapel yesterday as he and his son, Matt, shared a skit to solidify the point. Personally, I have difficulty seeking God for who He is because I suffer from a disease called Me, Myself, and I Syndrome ……. Hmmmm, what can I do for myself today, Lord? Although, I would like to think I made a stride to Glorify Him (instead of me) today. Allie (our youngest team member) and I made origami with the JEMS (Jaya English Medium School) students. During this time, I searched to see His face in the JEMS children, the teachers, CEM staff and Allie. It was a joy to work with Allie as we ventured through 9 class rooms from kindergarten to 6th grade. My heart melted as the children were so proud of their work as they folded paper and applied stickers and jewels to their new crowns. The younger children also graced us with their ability to recite rhymes; what little angels! And the teachers and staff were such a delight by assisting us in making our journey a smooth one…………..God, did I seek Your face first today? I believe our good God is saying, “Yes!”.