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I was able to connect again this year with Thara. I wrote about her in last year’s blog. She was the girl we supported when we first started coming here, 9 years ago. Then she left GCH and we didn’t see her again for years. Last year, 8 years later, I saw her. She is married and has a baby and attends The Way of Life church. This past Sunday, as we dedicated the new chapel, Craig was up teaching, and I sat in the back with Thara’s baby asleep on my lap and wondered how I got here.

God is so crazy and big and takes me places I certainly never thought I would go and to be honest – never had the desire to go. This world is so huge and my life is so small and I know, as someone who prays for a little bit of God’s heart, I must see more than my little world. He wants to show me. He wants to open my eyes and break my heart for others. To see a bit of what he sees.

When I pray in the mornings back home, thanking God for his incredible goodness to me, I can’t help but wonder if I would pray that if I lived here. The poverty is so overwhelming at times it takes my breath away. Everything from the old, once homeless people, half bent over, or blind, or so frail you don’t know how they survive, that Jaya has taken in because their families have abandoned them, to the little orphans whose families have abandoned them. Yet it really is true that they have more joy than we have. And it continues to remind me that Jesus has to be enough. Along with being the hands and feet of Jesus to those who have less than me, he needs to be enough no matter what my circumstances are. That is something India has taught me by example. And I am (perhaps a bit reluctantly) grateful for it.