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Impact India 360
There’s a hole in my world.

India is a beautiful thing. The people are truly amazing. Happy. Friendly. Amazing to interact with. The children at CEM are beyond a joy to spend time with. Waking to the sound of their beautiful voices is a special treat. As I walk through my days here, I see the abject poverty that plagues this part of the world. This part of the world that is some 7,000 miles from my home. And yet, I feel a connection to the people of India that I would have never guessed existed. As we sit in our comfortable American world, we can easily ignore the fact that others in the world have so little. This trip is changing my view once again of the fact that “God so loved the world”. He didn’t just love us in our comfortable spaces, he so loved the world. And that includes my new freiends in India. It is a joy to watch life go by in India. To engage with the elderly that have been abandoned by their society, and see the joy on their faces when you simply sit next to them and smile. I took a picture of my friend Surru here this morning as we sat and smiled. We watched some of the boys that tend the water buffalo dancing and singing. And I asked if I could take his picture. He took off his traditional head wrap, and fixed his hair first. Then I took his photo and showed it to him. The smile that was on his face is something I hope to never forget. With the help of my younger friends tending the water buffalo, I explained to him that I was going to take his picture back to America and tell my friends about him. He smiled so bright, it warmed my soul. And you could see for a moment a glimpse of honor he felt in that. And I felt so honored to spend time with him this morning. And that is what this trip is to me – an honor to enjoy the love of Jesus pouring out of the people of India into me, and what I hope is the spirit of Jesus reflecting back to them. Allelujiah.