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Meet the September 2012 Team!
We have two great groups coming together this time round. Kensington Community Church in Troy, MI is joining forces with First Baptist Church in Prescott, AZ to go to CEM India! Thanks for being a part of this adventure with us! We want to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves.

First, the folks from Kensington: 

Kevin Brody – I have only recently started in my relationship with Christ. He has asked me to take a leap of faith and go to India. I am a doctor, a dad, and a husband and this is completely out of my comfort zone; yet I am going anyway. I believe that God will show me the way and can do great things through me.

Chris Cook – Since my first visit in 2002, CEM and the people of India have been permanently woven into my soul. Every year around this time, I need to go and get a full dose of perspective that only the people of Dowlaiswaram can give me. I’m really looking forward to seeing my friends again and continuing to build the relationships that started years ago. As a photographer and teller of CEM’s story, I’m also looking forward to bringing back a ton of photos!

Chris Gortat – Born and raised in Warren, MI by my wonderful parents, Don and Rose Marie. This will be my fourth trip to CEM. My brother, Greg, and sister-in-law, Jessica, were instrumental in encouraging me to take these adventures. I will miss them on the trip as they parent their new daughter, Priya. Life on this earth has been quite a roller coaster prior to and after accepting sweet Jesus into my life. He is the only way and I continue to pray for a continued daily surrender to our good God’s will. As part of His will, I am so looking forward to communing with our team and all the people of India. ~ Peace

Vallen Prest – This is my third trip to India. For the past year I’ve been reading about the persecution of Christians around the world and specifically in India. This trip I will be teaching the students of the Missionary Training School book of 1 Peter which will deal with persecution. The significance of this little book is especially important for 21st century Christians regardless of where they are in on this world. We are all living in societies in which we are marginalized and subject to ridicule and persecution.

Merri Reasor – This will be my first mission trip to India. I am looking forward to meeting Jaya and the beautiful children at Grace Children’s Home. I have a passion for sharing the love and saving grace of Christ with women and children around the world. I am looking forward to serving Him with this team, and am excited to see what God has prepared for each of us on this journey.

And the team from FBC Prescott:

Bethany Droste – This will be my second trip to India and I can’t wait to see my friends on CEM campus again. I am looking forward to meeting the new children in Grace Children’s Home and spending time with my previous friends. I know that the travel will be difficult, but that it will be worth it when we arrive.

David Droste – I am so excited to visit my friends in India once again! I have been drawn to pray for the people of India since the mid 1990’s, but in 2005 God opened the door for me to take my first trip. I have been so touched by the ministry of Jaya and his faithful team, and blessed to work together with so many wonderful people. This year, I have the awesome opportunity to share my friends in India with some friends from Arizona! God challenges, grows and meets me each trip I have the privilege of taking, and I am praying for His grace to do the same for me and my friends on this trip.

Rich Fleming – This is my first trip to India and I look forward, (with some anxiety about leaving my comfort zone) to the joy of serving the Lord and the people of India in whatever capacity He has in mind. I am trusting God that I can be of some small help in Jaya’s amazing ministry, but at the same time, I won’t be surprised if I receive more than I give, if it’s anything like previous short-term trips that I’ve been on.

Abigail Lee – I am going to India because God has called me to share his word. About two years ago I felt a deep calling to go on a mission’s trip. I have been waiting for an opportunity for missions so when the India trip was announced I jumped at the chance. I am extremely excited for this trip and I am hoping God will use me for his purpose.

Beth Lee – It is with great excitement and anticipation that I am looking forward to my first trip to India and my second missions trip. For me, my trip has already begun as I have witnessed God’s encouragement through his provision for this trip.

Jamie Procknow – Along with Olivia, who is also going on the trip, I am the mother of Estevan, Gabriel, Chloe, Isaac, Alex and Joshua, who will all be staying behind for. If I were to tell you nothing else about myself, you may be able to still draw some conclusions about me just based on the number of children I have. Yes, I LOVE CHILDREN!!! Most of my children, God has given me through the blessing of adoption. Still many others have come and gone from our home through foster care. I remain in contact with most of them still, and every child has made a permanent mark on my heart, regardless of the length of time spent in my home.

God has also put many children in my life who I consider to be like my children though they have not lived in my home. They too have made a permanent mark on my heart. I expect that the children and people of India will soon be making their permanent mark on my heart. I’m thrilled with the anticipation of the people I will come into relationship with and the experiences that will be had! I have seen how God has woven together experiences in my life to prepare me for what he has coming ahead and I’m certain that I will be seeing the truth of that in India too!

Olivia Procknow – This will be my first trip to India or anywhere in the world. I am so excited to go to India and show God’s love and serve Him. I have six brothers and three sisters, some are adopted and others are my half siblings. God has blessed my unique family in many ways and I think that it is a very amazing opportunity to go and love on the people in Dowlaiswaram, India. God has put many amazing people in my life to teach me how to show my love to people, and I want to show my love to the people in India.

Kaylee Warne – I am so excited to have this opportunity to go to India! I can just feel that God is doing something amazing and I cannot wait to be part of it! My passion has always been missions since I was 6. Last summer I had a chance to go to Honduras but that door was closed. When I heard about the trip to India, I felt God telling me “go!” I am so excited to meet everyone and obey God’s calling!

As you can see, this team is ready to go and can’t wait to see how God is going to move through all of it – from the travel to the time on the ground. In the next post, you’ll be getting a general schedule of how the ten days is going to unfold and how you can partner with us in prayer. Be sure to like our Facebook Page to get the up to the minute team events!