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Ten Things I Learned This Week

With support of over 40 friends and family members, this week I have been able to enjoy the smiles of dozens of Dowlaiswaram brothers and sisters who show wisdom and experience much beyond their years. Some of the great things that my new friends at Grace have taught or reminded me:

1.       Hand-holding with a good sister during chapel can be one of the best ways to connect with God

2.       Having no money is much better than having lots of money

3.       The more nail polish colors, the better

4.       Two hundred kids actually can be quiet during church for extended periods of time

5.       Marigolds are one of the most beautiful flowers!

6.       Stickers are a very valuable commodity, especially in your favorite color

7.       Playing tag, though exhausting, is something a 29-year-old can still enjoy

8.       We truly, truly have every spiritual blessing

9.       Flashy earrings are appropriate in dress attire or on the playground

10.   No matter who we are, or where we come from, God can use us to build His kingdom.

In a JEMS school performance, in the four-year-old class, the children recited “Pray for Mama, pray for Papa,” with big smiles and total faith that despite everything they have experienced, God will provide for them. I have never seen happier children than these wonderful brothers and sisters. I can’t wait to see the incredible influence to this world that these children will have in the name of Christ.


–Kristin, Gateway India Mission Trip