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Knock on Wood
What time is it? What day is it? Where am I? Is there really a Pizza Hut in Hyderbad? These are some of the questions that we have been asking each other in the past 26 hours. So far, this trip has been the smoothest one I have been on to date. That of course, comes to no surprise to people when they hear about my past travel experiences to India. Allow me to share a couple of memories with you involving my flights to India.

First, there was the time when I was ten years old and took a sleeping pill hoping I’d pass out for the entire flight. Instead I woke up crying because everything I saw was upsidedown. Word of advice, if you weigh under 100 lbs don’t take a full dose of Ambien.

Second, was the time that I threw up on the floor of the airport in Amsterdam, and then was ushered right back into another plane.

Third, the time when I threw up on the floor of the airport in Hyderbad, and then was ushered right back into another plane.

Fourth, was the time when I threw up in the train from Hyderbad to Dowlaiswaram. The constant rocking of the train continued for the next 10 hours after throwing up.

Are you getting the theme here? Throwing up. So far so good. I’ve gone 26 hours of the 36 hour trip and I feel completely healthy. There’s still another 10 hours left though… *Knock on wood*

On a more serious note, I cannot wait to be back with my Indian family. After living in CEM campus for 3 months during my gap year, I made deep friendships with some of the CEM staff members and orphans, and I cannot wait to see all their smiles again.

Everyone is feeling pretty fatigued at this point. As I type this, Mike is sleeping on the marble floor, Victoria is curled up in a chair with her hood up and eyes closed, and everyone else is sitting zombielike in a chair.

Please pray that God would give us the strength to make it through the rest of the trip safely, and that once we’re in our surprisingly comfortable beds in CEM campus, we’ll get a good night sleep and be rested for the days of ahead.

~Caleb Mayes

One Response to “Knock on Wood”

  • Many prayers are being said for each and every one of you who are taking this amazing journey. It takes a very special soul to uproot themselves from all they’ve known; convenience, family, all the blessings that are given to us by God. To go where there may not be fresh, hot running water, or enough food to go around, to no having a school to attend. These are the things we here in the USA take for granted each day. I pray that your trip is a safe one and that each soul is touched in the way that our Lord and Savior meant for it to be, that the lessons needed will be learned and that the love our our Lord and Savior will be shared with those who don’t know Him in a personal way.
    Blessing from Donna Morris in Dandridge TN.