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Arrived at Last
Well, after nearly 40 hours of grueling travel we have arrived in CEM’s grand fashion.  Weary, jet-lagged and repulsed by the rats that chewed their way into our luggage at Mumbai airport, the welcome from the children of CEM was heaven sent.  Upon walking through the gate of Christ Evangelical Mission we were immediately showered with flower petals as we walked a gauntlet of  children.

Re-energized from this outpouring of love, we then made our way over to the area of campus where ground will be broken for the new elementary school to be built in the near future.  Here, the future school slated to educate some of the world’s poorest children was dedicated to the faithful God who has blessed this ministry time and time again.  Prayers were read and hymns were sung (in a down pour, I might add) as we asked for God’s blessing for the success of this new school.

It’s great to be back here.  It never ceases to amaze me how at home I feel here in India.  I am so grateful to have been part of this ministry for over six years now.  I am looking to this week in anticipation as God manifests His love in the coming together of His children from opposite ends of the planet.


Disclaimer:  The internet has been touch and go here in India, so our apologies for any slow posting to the blog. 

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