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Brothers by Blood, Brothers in Christ

About ten years ago my brother Chris handed me a book and asked me to read it.  It was called “The Case for Christ”, written by Lee Strobel.  He had rediscovered Jesus and was actively inviting me to do the same.  I had fallen away from Christianity years earlier and was highly skeptical of his being “reborn”.  But here I was three years clean and sober, and seeking a deeper relationship with the Higher Power so central to twelve-step recovery.  What did I have to lose?  I read the book, listened to Chris’ testimony, and started attending church.  This started me on an incredible journey of seeking relationship with Jesus and in ultimately surrending my life to Him.  The last ten years have been the richest years of my life and I continue to be blessed beyond my greatest expectations.  Following Jesus has reshaped my life and led me to do things I never would have anticipated.  The latest of which is to lead a team from Michigan with my beloved brother Chris to Dowlaiswaram, India to serve the poor.  Who woulda thunk?!  One day Chris is giving me a book about Jesus.  The next we’re following Jesus half way across the planet.  What an awesome God we serve!

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