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One in Christ
There’s something that happens to me each time I journey half way around the world to be with my Indian friends in Dowlaiswaram.  God reveals his heart to me in some special way.  On this particular trip he has reminded me of how he longs for all of his children to be unified in him through his son Jesus. 

I am often asked why I travel so far to help people when there is so much need in my own backyard.  At first I had to take pause and consider my motives.  I began going on missions trips because “that’s what followers of Christ do”, but eventually came to realize that in doing so I was fulfilling one of the God’s great desires–to help create unity amongst his people.  I really feel that it pains God that his church is separated by denominations, socio-economic classes, skin color, nationalism, etc.  My trips to India are not just about preaching the Gospel to non-Christians through serving the poor.  They are also about showing my Christian Indian brothers and sisters that I love and support them, and share the same identity as them in Christ.  I not only travel across the globe to meet the physical needs of a struggling people, but seek to do life with those that already believe.  To pray with, to play with, to laugh with, and to cry with my Indian brothers and sisters.  Out of this the distinctions of “us” and “them” begin to crumble.

One of my favorite parts of these trips to India are the morning chapels each day.  In a small, sparsely decorated room a group of Indian kids and adults with some Americans sprinkled in start the day worshiping their awesome God.  It is during this time that I get a glimpse of heaven.  I don’t see age, race, or color.  I see Christ.

Well, the trip is over.  We made it home safe and sound.  I feel that the unity God desires for his church was expressed and exemplified in our team.  Thank you to all that have prayed for and supported us on this endeavor.  Thank you to the team that made Chris and my job easy in leading.  And thank you, God, for calling us to India!!

Here there is no Gentile or Jew, circumcised or uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave or free, but Christ is all, and is in all.“–Col 3:11