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Our Common Experiences…

Our experience here in India is beyond words…the warmth of the people coinciding with the warm hot sun, the vivid colors of their textiles matching their colorful dialect and passion of how these passionate people talk and worship. And it is fascinating to see the contrast of the thatched roofed shacks next to the intricate architecture of the shrines, the shriveled face of the basket weaver sitting in the dirt next to a shop selling Hello Kitty toys, Angry Bird t-shirts and all sorts of American candies. It is easy to love India and its people.
It was a privilege for our team to attend the grand opening of a church started by one of the graduates of the Missionary Training School (MTS). As I sat in the chapel during the celebration, I was awed looking around at all the people from the community who had gathered and how their lives would be touched by the love of Jesus. I had experienced it in Birmingham, MI, and now here I was in Kakinada, India. The sharing of these two experiences and the common humanity, needs, and hope in Jesus moved me to worship our great big God.
After the service, I was bombarded by women pleading with me, “Sistah, prayer?!” They crowded us with outstretched hands, communicating their needs by touching their bodies where they were suffering. As I touched they eyes, back, bellies, ears of each beautiful lady and prayed for them I was profoundly humbled. That God knew each of their names and loved them, these sisters across the world, so similar to me yet such different life experiences in this great big world. Some ladies smiled and others cried with me. After I prayed I held each one so closely we could feel each other’s very breath. It was beautiful.
The picture posted with this blog is one of me with my new girlfriends who are students of MTS, the few female students. The day before Jiya told me I was the first woman teacher and yes, I was a little intimidated. I taught many things in Chapel and in the two hour class – breath prayer, visualization of Scripture thru the story of the Samaritan Woman, Ignatious Spirituality of finding God in all things and the practice of the Examen, the discipline of gratitude, expanding our image of God. I hope they were encouraged in their relationship with God. I know I was. And when they warmly welcomed me as their new friend and asked me if I was teaching again, I was grateful for the gift of the experience. We are all thanking God we have the privilege of serving His Kingdom in these ways.

by Kristie McCormick

2 Responses to “Our Common Experiences…”

  • Kristie, I am so happy that God led you on this amazing journey and I know first hand the love you have inside to share with others. We may often wonder why it is that we are so blessed to live with all we need, especially when God allows us to see things from another perspective. I know that when I shower each day I praise God for the water I’ve been given, the hot shower that I’ve been given knowing that many may never experience that simple thing that we sometimes take for granted. I know that you were a blessing to everyone who was near you. I know you’re heart and it’s a heart full of love to give, it shows by the words you wrote about the women you met on your journey. You’ve been in our prayers.
    Love and blessings to you.
    Dad and Donna

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