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The Christ of the Indian Way
Physical well being is a critical need in places like India. How can one consider the spiritual which typically is focused on future concepts of eternal life when the present life is bleak with pain and suffering? How can we who are Christ followers explain compassion without demonstrating it in action? Each visit to CEM, in particular, to the hospital, bring me such a sense of being on the brink of an amazing work in medical missions that is ready to explode! Imagine a place where there will be thousands of lives impacted monthly by compassionate medical care offered in Jesus name? Imagine a place where people receive both compassionate medical care and supernatural healing that offers an opportunity to consider the spiritual reality of the one true God that loves them more that they can think possible? I am excited to see this becoming a reality!

I taught for my first time to the MTS (Missionary Training School) in two separate sessions on Wednesday morning and afternoon on the subject of “Biblical Evidence for Physical Healing Ministry”. I challenged these future Indian pastors and missionary’s to include the physical wellness as an equal gift as salvation that Jesus accomplished in his suffering and death on the cross. We are given the authority by Jesus to bind and loose on earth as it is in heaven. God’s preferred will is that we are physically whole and well. Again, what can a person who is presently suffering pain and disease consider spiritually for future eternity when everything is focused on the here and now? Many may think this is a strange topic for a medical person to teach on as it seems to be at odds with science verses the supernatural. I think that this does not have to be so.

The team on this trip utilized the dental unit in this hospital for several days and we served the poor in a medical camp effort several hours away on one day. Many people received kind, compassionate dental and medical care to address painful conditions. Many also received prayer before, during and after their treatment. It is a small example of the beckon of light that this hospital will eventually be in drawing many who are ready into God’s Kingdom in places such as India. The field in India is ripe for harvest and I thank the few workers like Jaya Sankar who are working hard for the Kingdom expansion. This is the manner of the Christ of the Indian Way. – Dr. Sal Aragona

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