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Time, Our Most Precious Resource
In Chris Rice’s song, Teach Me to Count the Days, he writes:

Every day is a bank account, and time is our currency.
So, no one’s rich, nobody is poor, we get 24 hours each.
So how are you going to spend?  Will you invest or squander?
Try to get ahead, or help someone who’s under?

Can you imagine how different the world would be if we considered time our most precious resource? Time is the great equalizer, and we only go around this life once.  It’s an asset that is rapidly depreciating, and there is an undeniable link to us recognizing what we do with our time, and the abundant life Jesus promised.  It’s not an abundance of material things, but the overwhelming sense of love, peace and joy through the recognition that “Life means so much.” So much more than achievement, accolades or accumulation.

Gina and I just returned from India, and realized that we had not blogged while we were there.  There seemed to be no time.  We were too busy teaching, loving, playing, watching, listening, laughing, hugging, talking, dancing, worshipping, praying, walking and crying.  Tears of pure joy, of course.  Because life means so much.

How many times do I check my investment account each year?  Too many.  How many times do I check my time account?  Not enough.  But for one week, we were well aware that our days are numbered.  We did not squander one of them.

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