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Tuesdays Dedication

After yet another lovely  breakfast served lovingly from Lakshami, we boarded  the bus for Kakinada.This city is about 2 hours from Rajamundry near the Indian Ocean.  We arrived to a beautiful welcome! You could see that the American visitors were greatly anticipated! Signs, fireworks, a beautifully decorated tent and Chapel were prepared with so much love.  Pastor Martin was so happy to have Pastor Mayes from NY dedicate this chapel and give prayer and hope for the new community.  It was a very touching experience to see this 20 x 20 ft chapel packed full of an eager and  hopeful new community that has such potential to spread the love of God. 

After the dedication the medical, dental, and prayer teams opened their triage clinics for the public.  For several hours the dental clinic saw patients who had pain and needed extractions. The prayer teams prayers enhanced the effects of anesthesia and filled the patients with peace.  For Dan it was a memorable experience to have his patients smile and humbly bow their heads in thanks for the hope of being pain free.  It was a great experience for him to work side by side with Sal, the widely known American celebrity missionary dentist.

After a lovely lunch at the Royal Park we took the short drive to the Indian Ocean where Adriel, our blonde beauty, inside and out, fascinated the locals with her loving heart and beautiful smile.  There is  a magical and deeply touching experience when witnessing our team pray with such love and sincerety of heart.  One can almost see the spirit between them. 
-Dan and Nicolette

One Response to “Tuesdays Dedication”

  • Adriel! So good to hear she’s been enjoying herself and helping out lift everyone’s spirits. So good to hear that dentists and doctors are making a difference with their skills.