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Wordless Books
What a joy to spend time with the little ones.  We walked them to school and tried to avoid mass chaos by not going up to their classrooms but it was hard to let go of their little hands because they show want us to see their classrooms and take their pictures.  On our way back we stopped by the Godavari River where years before there was a misunderstanding.  We were very respectful of the people there washing and praying in the water.  It is a beautiful place and I can understand why they would consider it sacred.  Back at CEM, several of us did a craft with the children while others went to the Agape home for the Old Aged.  Jamie showed each classroom how to put together their Wordless book starting with the littlest ones. After they finished they sang a song and we took pictures.  See video…

Each page on the folded paper is a heart.  The first heart is Black which represents the death of Jesus.  The second page has the Red heart representing the blood of Christ.  The third page is the White heart for His purity followed by a Gold heart of prosperity and a Green heart for the green pastures of heaven.  What a glorious gift to share with the children.  However, we are unable to tell the whole story to each child as not all of the children are CEM kids but we knew the meaning and prayed that they too would understand.  After the first class it became more organized and the kids in the upstairs classrooms could barely contain the excitement waiting for us to do their craft.  Even the teachers wanted a wordless book – they were explained the meaning of book.

Stories were told of team members doing the Macharana with the older folks and they just loved it.  Kristie was able to get a translator to help her talk to each person so she could personally know their story and pray for their individual needs.  It was a hot and sunny day and lots of people have serious tans but it all worth it.

A few of us had the chance to go with Jaya to see the gifts for MTS students.  The graduation is on Thursday and it is a holiday for the children as well.  There is  festival where a big wooden structure is pulled down the street and bananas are thrown everywhere.  WE may not be able to partake of it as the graduation may take several hours.  For the students who previously graduated and are starting churches they have Public Address (PA) systems along with the drums and tamborines and morrocas (sp?).  All of which needs to be transported away on a bicycle. Yes, not a car but a bike.  He also told us the story of how he came to adopt his four youngest children and how Deepti was not expected to live starting out at less than a pound and now she (name meaning a flame) is such a little spit fire with more energy than 10 children and 20 adults.

In the afternoon several team members picked up the children from school.  Then went to meet with the ladies in the Sewing School to do a beautiful craft for them which are two heart shaped pin cushion attached to each other to aid in their sewing.  They also completed all of our outfits.  Each of the ladies were given a beautiful Sari each in different colors with matching scarves.  The men were also made pants and shirts and we’ll be wearing them during the graduation. 

The documentarians also made it as well as the last suitcase that was sent on an around the world trip.  They guys Davis and Chase were filming a festival that occurs every 12 years called Amarita that is the nectar that the meeting of the two waters turns to every 12 years which those who are in it will skip the next life and go to heaven.  Some 25 million people were said to be there for this festival.  They thought they might miss the flight but the last flight was delayed.  Finally, the ladies and men received great henna tattooes from to talented young ladies.  Each is different and so creative and will last for at least a week or more.  See picture..

Thursday, we prepare for a fun day of graduation, kids, shopping, kids and readying ourselves for Friday’s sad farewell.

Thanks to everyone for following along on the blog to see how Great God is Working here in India