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Seven Cities in Eighteen Days

The leaves are starting to turn here in Michigan as the summer wears on and we start settling into fall. As we get our kids ready to go to school, the offices at Impact India 360 are buzzing with activity. Our friend Jaya Sankar is coming for a visit!

The schedule will be challenging, but we are hoping to connect with as many of our donors and friends as possible in seven different cities. Take a look at the schedule below, and please click on the contact name for each city representative if you would like an invite to one of the many events happening at each location.

Dates City Contact
Sept 3-5 Detroit Jim Mayes
Sept 6-7 Chicago Dan Lindquist
Sept 8-9 Wichita Kurt Henson
Sept 10-14 Austin Kimberly Watson-Hemphill
Sept 15-16 Ft. Worth Gary Foran
Sept 17-18 Raleigh David Curlin
Sept 19-20 New York Craig Mayes
There will be more updates coming soon, so make sure you stay connected with us on Twitter or Facebook!

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