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God Using the Mundane

Sunday morning began with exercise, lovely coffee, delicious food, and a child with his foot stuck tight in the toilet.  It is gonna be a great day I just know it!   I love how God can take the most ridiculous things and make it work for his purpose. The child was introduced to his sponsor who was on the team and had spent the morning trying to figure out who he was – only to meet him while trying to help.


Joyful Children of God

We took a walk in the Sunday food market.  It was crowded and full of amazing smells.  When we returned, we went to church service followed by prayer for the people.  Next, lunch and photographs of the children for the no child left behind project.


We had some spare time in the afternoon and the girls asked, “Games Beth Lee games?”  I didn’t bring games but I had thrown in a spare ball of brown string for crafts and I thought I would use it to teach the children to play cats cradle.  It was touch and go for a few moments as I tried to hand out string but it was definitely a success (and yes, I can happily report I still have all ten fingers, though halfway through the process I had to say a quick prayer of preservation). I never let them get me cornered though, or near the toilet LOL.


There is a point to all of the fun and silliness of my story, and it is something like this:


God can use all circumstances and every ridiculous proverbial ball of brown string for his purpose. We can give God every circumstance, trial and mundane thing for his purpose and his glory.  I often tell my children and friends to have faith.  God doesn’t leave anything on the cutting room floor he can create, he uses it all for his glory.

I just can’t wait to see what he does next.  Walking with God is a tremendous adventure.


Beth Lee