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Letters of Love


I left home several days ago to begin this amazing journey and my suitcase contained letters and cards from loved ones.  My wonderful family and friends took time to write me notes and cards of encouragement and love. Beautiful prayers and scripture, pictures and even funny cards! I have been opening them daily and been greatly blessed. What a delight to know that so many are praying for me, for this trip, for this team and for this place.



My family and friends write about how God will use me on this trip; how God will speak to me through people and circumstances; how I will bless others with love and joy and how I will be blessed to be with these children. These words from home bring me comfort and peace because India is a crowded and noisy country. It assaults all the senses every time you walk outside.

The joy and encouragement I have felt from their words remind me that there are many who do not have such luxury.  These children do not have parents or family who send them letters of love. They have no family – they are orphans.  It is through that many of them are abled to be sponsored and get connected with someone who will pray for them, write to them and love them. When I walk with the kids to school, they talk about their sponsors like family – about how they pray for them and feel a genuine connection to them. My family sponsors a young girl from the Pokot Tribe in Kenya and her picture hangs on our wall with all our family photos.  We are able to write and share stories about our family and send her pictures once or twice a year. She is able to write back to us. 🙂  She is precious to us.

Letters of love from family can impact a life….maybe your wall of family photos has room for a child from India or Kenya?