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November 2013 Mission Team is Ready!

Another mission season is upon us, and another team has been formed for an adventure to India. We weren’t sure that this was actually going to happen due to some political and commercial problems over the splitting of Andhra Pradesh, the state where CEM was located. Demonstrations and commercial strikes against the split had created very difficult conditions to host a mission team; including power outages and higher food prices.

Fortunately, Indian politics is ever-changing and the strikes have died down and we got the “all clear” from Jaya to come. So in four days – Thursday at 6pm – we are off!

The Kensington team will be meeting the team from FBC Prescott in Amsterdam and journeying together to India from there. Take a moment and meet us! First, the Kensington Team:

Chris CookChris Cook – Since my first visit in 2002, I need to regularly return to India to be with my adopted family and get the perspective I can’t get anywhere else. I leave my very supportive wife and daughter behind, once a year, to reconnect to the place and the people who have changed my life! It was on the streets of Dowlaiswaram where I found my passion to follow Christ with my whole heart, and the work of CEM is absolutely life changing.

Eric JonesEric Jones – I’m on this trip to support my wife, Jenni, who has a passion for India and who has supported me on trips to a place where I’ve been passionate about serving: Nicaragua. I also hoping to have an opportunity to present a short seminar to pastoral trainees on the historical evidence for Christ’s resurrection examined using legal rules of evidence.

Jenni JonesJenni Jones – I’m very excited to finally be going on the India mission trip with my husband, Eric! I visited India many years ago while in college, and, in spite of being one of the most difficult and disturbing places I’ve been to, India grabbed my heart. I’ve been waiting for years for the opportunity to go to CEM and help Jaya’s team share Christ’s love with the children and students. What has the strongest pull on my heart, though, is the Agape Home for the elderly. I long to help them feel and understand that God has not forgotten them. Please pray that I will see the needs that I can meet and have the wisdom to know how to do so!

Stacy LobsingerStacy Lobsinger – This is my first mission trip to India. I am anxiously counting down these last several days until our departure from Detroit. I have been attending Kensington for 6 years and have always been drawn to the pamphlet that outlines the global trips each year. This is my year to step in to more of the adventure that God has in store for me. I am excited to be going in service to an amazing God. I am certain to learn more about God, me and others in remarkable ways.

Peg OhmanPeg Ohman – This will be my second time to see the children at Grace Children’s Home and I’m so excited! As the Child Sponsorship Coordinator for, I look at their faces every day on my computer but what a thrill it will be to see their beautiful smiles face to face.

Vallen PrestValen Prest – This will be my 4th trip to India. I have taught at CEM’s Missionary Training School on a variety of subjects. This year I’ve been asked to teach again on the subject of Worship and how it creates Spiritual Formation. I am looking forward to returning to my friends and family in India and sharing with them new insights that God has taught me during the past year.

Pam WolosonPam Woloson – This is my first international trip and I am thrilled to be a part of this team. I get to travel halfway around the world to help the students, the elderly and others in Dowlaiswaram. It takes me out of my comfort zone at home and into a an unfamiliar place where I may get a glimpse of heaven.

And introducing the team from FBC Prescott:

Dave DrosteDave Droste – I thank God for opening the door for me to return to India. It has been such a blessing in my life to be able to watch and even participate, in some small way, in Jaya’s ministry at CEM. I love seeing the dedication of the MTS students, the passion of Jaya’s staff, and of course spending time with the children! I have also enjoyed being able to share this experience with my children and now several members from church.

Mary Beth LeeBeth Lee – I am a wife and mother to 6 children. Some of my other titles include RN, seamstress, and Christian sister. This is my 3rd trip to India, and 2nd trip to CEM. I am really looking forward to reconnecting with some of the people, adults and children that I met a year ago. Jaya has a very special and well-run ministry. I love these Indian people they have so much to teach us if we will pay attention and let God work in our hearts. I hope that I will be just a fraction of the blessing that they are to me. I am looking forward to all that God has in store for us on this trip.

Jamie ProcknowJamie Procknow – Once again I’m eagerly anticipating my time in India but this time, after two other trips, I feel I have a better understanding of what it is I’m looking so forward to. This time, many of the faces I anticipate seeing physically, because I see them in my mind already every day AND many of them have names attached. This trip, I go to India not only to establish new relationships, but to grow the ones that have already begun. I am so in love with the entire CEM group and can’t wait to see what God will have in store for us this time!

Vicki ReayVicki Reay – This is my first trip to India thanks to the encouragement of a very dear friend of mine. I have been so inspired by the experiences that she has shared with me of her time in India that I felt it was time for me to go see for myself. God is always actively working in my life and I am excited to see what He has for me and the people of India in the upcoming week. I have a HUGE and tender heart for orphans and am eager to show Gods love for them in whatever way possible. While I’m away from the United States, my wonderful husband is taking on the challenge of caring for the needs (and dealing with the chaos) of our seven children!

Team members from the two locations have been corresponding via Skype and we’ve never been this prepared for two teams from different time zones to work together. Please remember to pray for us as we make our final preparations! Also, feel free to download our prayer calendar below…

Prayer Calendar November 2013

Thanks again for all of your support!

From the Team

One Response to “November 2013 Mission Team is Ready!”

  • So thrilled to think of another week of extravagant love being poured out this week by each of you into the children, students, elderly and staff of CEM. I never imagined in December 2000 when I stood on the vacant lot that is now the main campus that there would be a parade of people year after year making the grueling trip and pouring their lives out for the poor, the lonely, the abandoned. God bless you. I love you each and will pray for you for abundance this week.