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The Most Unexpected Things Can Make Our Hearts Sing!

Hands-1268     Wrinkles, callouses, bad backs and swollen knees – prayers, hugs, lotion and… nail polish!?   One moment I’m crying and the next I’m in tears of laughter.  Yesterday and today we visited the residents at the Agape Old Age Home. I’ll admit, they are what pushed me over the edge to jump into this trip. I’ve always loved hearing about and supporting the work CEM does with the children, but whenever I’d see the photos of the bent and wrinkled old folks, I’d find tears running down my face – not quite knowing why.

It happened again, our first visit with them we took lotion and gave hand massages and hugs.  They were so welcoming and hungry for attention – so like the children – hugging and kissing us, asking us to pray over them. One fragile little woman who was basically deaf and could barely move around nearly fell asleep as I combed her hair. So a wave of emotion hit me.

Most of them were neglected or intentionally abandoned by family. I thought of them tired and in pain, soon facing eternity possibly not knowing Jesus loves them and wants to bring them to their real home, free of pain and full of joy. So, amidst the tears, I prayed that God would use our little bit of attention and the love of the Agape caretakers to help them know His love.

Then there was today. I heard they liked nail polish. I had no idea!  We were welcomed with shouts of familiarity and hugs. They wanted color and would really prefer it be done well, but were very patient with our less than perfect work. So, in their little concrete dorms with the metal cots and swarms of flies, we compared nails, fed each other Smarties, took party pics and laughed a lot.
What a privilege this was.  By the way, the men’s favorite color!


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