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Meet the 2014 February Team

For the past several years, the team blog has been a fantastic way for all of our family and friends to get live day to day updates on short term trips to the CEM campus in Dowlaiswaram, India. It is a live real time journal expressing what is happening on the trip on many different levels. It is a great way to pray for us as we know, this is ultimately a battle for the hearts and minds of precious people in advancing Jesus’ Kingdom in places like India.


We also have a Prayer Calendar that you can download, along with connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest developments that might not make it to the blog.


An initiative like this would never happen without a great group of individuals who have been called into it. Let me introduce the team in their own words:


India+2013+Team+008Jeff Petherick – Years ago, I committed to walking side-by-side with my brother Jaya and all of the people of CEM until my time here on earth is over. It was something I felt God wanted for me, to enrich my life in a way that nothing here in the U.S. ever could. I am grateful to be able to make another trip to see all of these people in Dowlaiswaram, India that I love so much, and to know that I am headed for another week of amazing love, peace and joy in doses strong enough to last until my next trip.


India+2013+Team+005Gina Petherick – This is my fourth trip to India. I am so excited to see everyone again. This will be the first time I am helping lead the trip. I pray the Holy Spirit will fill Jeff and I with compassion for the people in India but for our team members too. I also pray we are open to being flexible and open to all God has planned for us on this trip.





get-attachmentJim Mayes – It is hard to believe that this will be trip number 21 to CEM for me! I think at this point I should be an honorary Indian. But seriously, as I reflect on the many trips over that past six years I can’t help but consider the profound impact that Jaya and all of the wonderful staff members, children at Grace Children’s Home and Jaya’s family have had on my life. Cross-cultural ministry does come with its challenges, but nowhere else have I experienced the presence of God and been witness to His divine providence worked out through an unyielding obedience. So many lives are impacted by Jaya’s ministry, and as I make this next journey I am excited to spend time with a beloved friend and several hundred people that work daily to expand God’s Kingdom by loving their neighbors.


India+2013+Team+004Teresa Pizzimenti – This is my second trip to India.  Caring for the children of India is something God placed on my heart many years ago.  I am so incredibly blessed by the way God has opened the doors for me to be able to go.  I fell completely in love with everyone at CEM and I am very eager to be reunited with them! I pray that I will keep my heart opened to whatever God wants to teach me throughout the trip.



get-attachment-4Renee Akers-Ravas – It is with great anticipation and joy that I look forward to being with my “family” in India again. This is my sixth trip, but my first time back in five years.  I’m eager to be with the children, elderly, staff and students and look forward to seeing what God has prepared for us to do while there and upon our return home.  Your prayers are deeply appreciated and keenly felt.




get-attachment-3Jeff Ravas – I met Jaya Sankar during one of his first few visits to the U.S.  He told me then that I would be visiting India.  “Yeah, right” I replied with great irony.  Well, possibly because of his proclamation,..but most likely because of my wife Renee’s requests after her many trips,..I finally went.  Now, I find myself going not only support Renee’s continued passion but also to again experience first hand the power of God’s love in action.  It will be a leap in the ongoing transformation of my life.


get-attachment-1Tom DiLoreto – I am very excited to go back to India again with a great team of Believers in the Christian faith. I believe God gave me a calling to go here to serve the poor that need both spiritual and physical healing through working in the hospital and clinics as a dentist and by spreading the message of love and forgiveness that Jesus Christ gave us in the Bible. I pray that each one in the team will use their special God given talents to reach the underprivileged for the glory of God and His kingdom here on earth.


get-attachment-2Susan Shoult  -I am a 32 year old, pastry chef. I am currently on a quest for spiritual growth. The Holy Spirit is burning a fire in me that has pushed me forward to serve. A Christian mentor recently told me that I also have a gift for mentoring others. I feel called to put my talents to work and to be a conduit of God’s work in India. I hope to gain spiritual and personal growth from this trip.




get-attachment-1Natalie Richardson – I am really looking forward to going on this mission trip to India with my husband, Jay! We have been sponsoring two children from CEM for many years now and we are really looking forward to meeting them. We have three little kids and they all pray for and are “pen pals” with our sponsor children. I can’t wait to bring home all our experiences in India to share with our own children. I know God has called us to this trip for a reason and I am eager to step out in faith and serve in whatever way I am needed.



get-attachmentJay Richardson – This will be my first trip to India and I’m excited to share the adventure with our team and especially my wife, Natalie.  We have three kids ranging from 3-8 years old and I love keeping things simple for our family in terms of why we’re here and what the most important thing is:  Love.  Jesus says the most important thing is to love Him and others, and by this love, everyone will know that we are His disciples.  I’ve heard of miraculous displays of love and faith at CEM and am fired up to see, serve, experience and know God more by being there.


Jamie Procknow

Jamie Procknow –  This will be my fourth trip to India in about a year, funny it feels like it has always been a part of me. I always miss my seven children and my awesome husband back in the U.S. but now India feels like a second home and that I am just going to visit my family on the other side of the world. Can’t wait!!





Sharon Wood

Sharon Wood – This is my first trip to India as well as my first mission trip. I have always known that God is there with me and have had faith in his plan for me. He graced me with two wonderful children, my son Alex (21) and my daughter Joanna (18). Two and a half years ago he guided me to a day care center that is part of a mission for homeless families. Working with these homeless children and learning from them and their parents has changed my life. My friend Chris Cook started gently suggesting that I might be on the path to this trip to India and here I am. I am very excited and grateful for this journey. Faith, hope and love to the special friends that have been there for me and have encouraged and supported me, you are with me.


Craig Mayes Casual

Craig Mayes- Since 2000, India has been a part of my life. I anticipate, great joy and continued friendship, and learning more about God’s love on this trip. My time in India is all about relationship with my Indian brothers and sisters.




Chris2Chris Mayes-  I get so excited to go back every year and see everyone at CEM!  They are family – a little taste of what heaven will be like!  I especially love spending time with the elderly.  They are precious!











Nikki Busch Nikki Busch- This is my first trip to India. I am excited God has called me to take this journey. I’m looking forward to playing with the children and meeting new people!






Raluca Corobana

Raluca Corobana- I started following the Lord 9 years ago, when visiting Kensington. I have been hearing about the work in India ever since and I am really excited to finally be able to visit.













Victoria MK 1

Victoria Viola-  It is with enormous gratitude that I will be making my second trip to India. The CEM family now has a special home in my heart and I am so excited to be with them again. I’m praying for safe travel and for our trip to be powerful, joyful, and purposeful in expanding God’s kingdom. I also pray that my heart is open for whatever God has planned for me and I am eager to witness the spiritual growth of my team, especially my boyfriend, Kyle.






KyleKyle Hartcorn- This will be my first trip to India. I’m so excited to share the love that God wants us all to have, especially with the children. I am so thankful for this opportunity and I’m ready with open hands and an open heart.















Mike VanConant- This will be my fourth trip to CEM. Every year brings a new experience and a lesson from God. I’m looking forward to meeting the rest of the team from Michigan and seeing all of the amazing people that have come into my life because of India.









TJ Hadley-2

TJ Hadley- I am looking forward to this amazing opportunity, just looking back a year ago my thoughts were far from being able to go on a mission to help the poor half way around the world!








AbbyAbby Morris- This will be my first time going to India, and my first time ever traveling outside the U.S! I am so excited to be part of this trip. I came to Christ in the summer of 2005 at Kensington, and I remember hearing about the trips then and wanting to go. I thank Him for keeping India in my heart and allowing me to be able to go. I don’t exactly know how He is calling me, and what He has planned for all of us there, but I am looking forward to finding out!







Sean Wehrli- Looking forward to building relationships with people of an entirely different culture.  My beautiful wife Alissa can’t make it this time, but can’t wait to tell her everything when I get back.  I expect it will be life-changing and as a filmmaker I hope to capture/share some of my experience with everyone.  I also love kids!

8 Responses to “Meet the 2014 February Team”

  • To Jeff, Gina, and the rest of the group:
    I commend you for your selfless work and your incredible calling that leads you so far away! I have no doubt that you all have the unique talents and gifts specifically needed for such an amazing journey of faith and commitment. May you be successful in India with all of your plans and may you come home knowing that you’ve had the privilege of carrying out the will of God personally. I also pray that 10,000 angels will guide you and keep you safe in your travels.

    God Bless You!
    Mary Tavernit

  • to the Feb 2014 team:
    I’m praying that you will feel God’s guidance and joy as you encourage and help in the work at CEM. May He give you the memory to call as many of those precious children by name as possible. May each hug from you be a reminder to staff or child that God sees them, knows them, loves them and can use them to love others.
    -Jenni Jones

  • Susan & Team,

    I’m thinking of you and praying for you as you fulfill God’s work! You are an inspiration to me & everyone around you (especially our small group). You are planting your seeds and I can’t wait to see what becomes of your seedlings! I know this journey will have its emotional ups and downs. You will see things that you have never seen before and you will experience God at some point & in some way throughout this week! GOD BLESS all of you! Prayers from snowy Michigan 🙂

    Carrie Selva

  • Susan & team,
    What an awesome selfless thing you are doing. You all inspire me. I’ll be praying for you all everyday of your trip. I’m praying you will feel God’s presence through out the whole journey. He is working through you to bring peace love & happiness to others, to show Gods love them too. I can’t wait to hear all about it!! God bless safe travels see you soon!
    Noelle Lewandowski

  • Susan and team! You are an inspiration! You are letting God work through you and into the lives of others. You are a drop in the ocean and are making ripples into waves that will go far beyond your view. It touches my heart and soul to see and hear about others that are selflessly caring for others in the world. Many prayers for a safe trip to you and all you encounter. Peace be with you all! Xoxo

  • Susan and your team,
    You are all truly inspirational. Susan, I feel so blessed to have you in my life. I’m sending prayers from Michigan to you and your team.

  • Susan & Team:
    Susan I am so proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone to share the abundant love that you have with others. I watch every day to see where you are and what you are doing. I am praying that God will strengthen and sustain you and the team as you share His word with the little children. I trust that God is watching over everyone and keeping you safe.
    Susan’s Mom

  • Susan,

    I am so proud of the work you are doing for our LORD. I always new you were a special and caring as well as a
    beautiful young lady. You are in my prayers. See you when you get home.

    aunt Karen