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Impact India 360
First Impressions

After 4 flights and many hours of travel, we were exhausted and ready to be on campus. Most of us knew what to expect upon arrival, but it is still so exciting to be greeted by the children in this way. We walked individually between two rows of the cheering children as they threw flower petals on us. For those of us that were returning there was anticipation of seeing the children we already knew and grew to love. For the new team members it was an overwhelming, joyful experience, especially overwhelming afterwards when the children raced into us and immediately wanted us to know their names. Like all of us, the children love to be recognized and called by name. It is so difficult at first to remember only a few names, but after you start to pick up their names and see their faces light up in response, you try harder to practice their names to show them how much you care about each of them. The energy of those first few minutes with the children is magical. All of the travel instantly becomes worthwhile.

My favorite (Victoria) moments with the kids are the candid moments when we are playing and something unexpected happens. Someone trips on their jump rope or says something silly or looks at you in such a way that you connect. I feel like the girls that I met last year are long lost best friends of mine. We don’t know too much about each other, but still we KNOW each other. And it’s God’s love that links us together in this way. My favorite (Kyle) part was walking the kids to and from school today. I loved learning more about where they are from, their families, and what they want to become. I already feel a connection to some of the boys and know I will grow closer to them with each passing day. We both loved teaching crafts to the J.E.M.’s kids today and are looking forward to tomorrow’s craft. Hopefully we will be able to sleep more tonight so we will be able to match the energy of the children tomorrow. We are eager to see how we can be used this week and we are ready to show so much love to these people. God is doing amazing things in India and we are both so grateful to be a part of his work here.

– Victoria and Kyle