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Grateful, Grateful, Grateful

Hello all, this is Abigail here! Looks like it is my turn to here blog on our fourth day at CEM. This is a really hard blog post for me, because I truly feel that there are not enough words to accurately describe my experience here so far. We have been here four days and they have been some of the busiest I have ever had in my life. They have also been one of the most relaxing and stress free days I have ever had. While I cannot speak for everyone here I feel most, if not all of them, would agree.

It is 4:23 pm and I’m currently watching both the Communitas and Kensington teams out of the office door playing games with the children, or showing them photos from back home. The children here at CEM did not have school today. I think both the children, and our teams, were happy about this. It gave us a day that we dedicated to do nothing but focus on the children here. Today it was the CEM talent show and playing games.

Some of the children here at CEM showed off some of their many talents. I’ve learned I need to start taking Indian dance lessons. Even at a young age, these children sure do own that stage. Of course, our U.S. teams are not to be outdone, and we also participated in the talent show with our own skits, singing, and dancing. While I sat there and watching the kids on stage, the ones watching, and all our team watching and recording these performances I just sat there in awe. I am in INDIA! I am halfway across the world, and I have seen more of God’s presence here in India in these last four days than I see back home in the States a majority of the time.

These children, by definition, have nothing. However, they are so much more fulfilled than most of the kids and adults I know in the United States. They have a faith that is so deep in the Lord that it is just mind blowing to me. They don’t have rooms full of toys, closets that are bursting with clothes, cell phones, Christmas trees during the holidays with presents spilling out everywhere, or mothers and fathers to hug and tuck them in at night. However, they love others, and our Lord, unlike anything I have ever witnessed.

I have also spent quite a bit of time with the women of the Agape home. There are two women there in particular that I have grown attached too – Chitamah and Yankamah. Please forgive me on the spelling of their names. I am spelling them phonetically, and not how they are actually spelled. These two women are so absolutely amazing. We do not speak the same language, but I have had some of the hardest and longest laughs with these two amazing women. Our group determined that I am the younger version of Chitamah, and that when I become old, we will be very much the same. We got along so well that she asked if I could bring her with my back home in my suitcase (thank you to our translators!), that she wanted my outfit, I let her wear my sunglasses, and ended it with telling me when I come back next year to make sure my nose is pierced.  I could have sat with her all day if I could have!

That last request struck me because both the children and the women of the Agape home have asked, if not begged, me to come back next year. I never really gave it much thought in the beginning. I was so overwhelmed with everything that was going on around me. Now, I couldn’t think of NOT coming back next February. It is really hard for me to comprehend that I will be leaving here on Friday. I know I will be glad to be back in my own apartment, in my own bed, and have a warm shower. Yet, I know the minute I am finally done unpacking, and preparing for the week ahead of me back home, and have finally had a moment to relax that my heart and mind will be with the people here at CEM. I will be counting down the next ~365 days until I can come back and see everyone.

God is absolutely amazing, and I could not be any more grateful to Him for allowing me to come here. Thank you. Thank you so much.

3 Responses to “Grateful, Grateful, Grateful”

  • Praying for God’s continued direction and influence in your life.

  • I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. In 2000, I sponsored the founder of CEM to come to the US. We prayed together and birthed, spiritually, the entire ministry at CEM. There was just a school of ministry to pastors and a small orphanage at that time. Oh how it has grown! I’m so thrilled to read this blog!

    • Thanks so much for your faithfulness so long ago, Kathryn! God had created an amazing legacy through you!