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Special Thoughts from India

Hello to my family and dear friends.

All of you that know me well, and even not that well, know I am almost never at a loss for words, I feel that way here.  The multilevel experience of  being in India and living and working with the children at the Christ Evangelical Mission has managed to take me to a place of awe and wonder. 

My best intentions were to journal every day and blog every day, India had other ideas. It’s hard to blog when the power is out for the third time that day, thank goodness for the extra flashlights Jim brought. As far as writing in my journal, try wanting to even find the time when 155 children all want you to talk to them, play with them, take their pictures and just touch you. I can write in my journal on the long trip home.

I am only wise in that I know that I don’t know how long it will take to process this journey. I am more than thankful for my time here, actually amazed that I don’t care when the power goes out,  it will come back on soon enough. I still haven’t touched on the fact that the majority of the 155 children are orphans, the rest brought here by their families that can’t really afford to do anything for them and believe being here will give them a chance for a better life.

I miss those dear to me but I really feel that you are here with me every minute and I look forward to sharing all of this when I return.

Faith, hope and love to all.