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Doing Instead of Wondering

Emily’s back. Did ya miss me?! I can certainly tell you that I really miss all of you; and I admit homesickness is kicking in lately. We seriously only have 1 day left and Satan decides to mess with my emotions at the perfect time. Up until now it’s been difficult to process what I’ve experienced because there has been so little time to do so. From the kids screaming “Games?! Games?!” in your face to the days when we’re out and about exploring, quiet time is a scarcity.

Crafts have been a big hit for the children. Our time has mostly been spent gluing things and cutting out paper birds. Although we had craft time all figured out, the JEMS school has their own way of doing things – it’s complicated. Aside from that, we were able to walk down to the Godavari River yesterday. It was about a 20-minute walk that my eyes could barely handle. There were children going to the bathroom on the street and people bathing in the filthy water. There were little girls walking each other to school, hoping to not get hit by the chaotic drivers on the roads. There were people fishing in the river for coins just so they could get by. There was poverty everywhere I looked.

You know what, though? These people were still happy. Smiles were still worn and laughs were still shared. Friendly hellos were exchanged for some pictures (pronounced “pichas”). I even received a hug and a kiss on the hand from a girl around my age who just wanted to give compassion and get it in return.

If that wasn’t life-changing enough, we went to prayer at a home that was opened to the public for the night. Transportation came in the shape of a motorcycle. Riding there through the night gave me a chance to see the beauty of India, aside from all of its filth and misfortune. “Never in my life would I imagine myself on a rooftop, in a random neighborhood in India, under a crescent moon, worshipping the one true God with you (Indian men and women)”. My team member, Chris Cook, could not have said it better. That picture will forever be imprinted in my mind. That picture is something I will cherish for the rest of my life.

At this very moment that I am writing this, I am having my solitude with myself and with Christ. Let me tell you, I fell flat on my face sobbing to the song Overwhelmed by Big Daddy Weave. To me, it was one of the most beautiful moments of this trip because I just felt God in His entirety. I was so “overwhelmed” that I started crying from the beauty and wonder of my Lord. Times like these are so important in order for us to grow with God. They show us just how much we truly need Him and cannot depend on anything or anyone else. I am out in the middle of India, though surrounded by an incredible team, still feeling the loneliness. I am at my weakest right now, yet God wraps His comforting arms around me. Without this opportunity, I would not have had that moment of surrender to Christ.

Speaking from my opinion, I could not imagine a life always wondering. Wondering what beauty lies in a different country, or even wondering if I could have saved a life. Life would have no meaning if we always sat around wondering instead of doing.

This trip has completely changed my perspective on where I am and what I have. We are all more blessed than we could ever fathom. Mission Trip Tip #2: Unless you experience this yourself, your perspective on life will not change, even if you think it has. How do I know? Because I thought the same thing before this trip and I was not even close.

3 Responses to “Doing Instead of Wondering”

  • Awesome!

  • Very moving insight….you’ve seen the sad and the wonderful and through the eyes of Jesus you are a better person because of it…some people travel to India and just can’t return and I understand but now you understand why many of us have to return…cuz we are joyously “overwhelmed “…Holly

  • Emily you are truly Blessed to have experienced first hand Christ’s love for all His people in such a way.To see how these people can be happy with so little.You left a girl,coming back a woman.You are a gem! I’m honored you are my family. Love you Mimi…