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Experiencing “What If?”

Hey everyone – Emily here!

Boy, am I exhausted. Even after my first night with 9 hours of sleep, rest still taunts me. I guess I should mention that I only slept about 3 hours total on the plane. Well, planes. That’s alright with me though, because I got to watch a few movies I was hoping to catch up on. The airline food wasn’t as bad as I imagined it to be. Aside from that, I briefly got acquainted with the Arizona folks who joined us on our flight in Detroit. It’s been a pleasure serving with them so far, as I can already see their beautiful hearts.

Disclaimer: homesickness may occur. Traveling for that long must have really gotten the best of me. However, once I arrived at Jaya’s school and was greeted by all of the energetic children, my homesickness was washed away. That experience was once in a lifetime. I can speak for all of us when I say we felt like celebrities. We were greeted with such sincere appreciation and respect. The children would take my hand and sit me down to ask me questions. “What is your name?” “You have brother?” “Picture of your parents?” And then there were commands like “Tell me my name,” and “Sing me a song”. Surprised by how much English the children knew, there were still many language barriers. After the first day was over, it was time to call it a night at 8:00 PM.

Church-0012The next morning (Sunday), some of the team woke up early to do calisthenics. Sorry to bore you, but this girl was in bed, out like a light. Speaking of light, when I woke up – from a loud thump, mind you – I opened my eyes to the bright room lights on. I must have been really tired to not wake up from that. My roommate, Monique, informed me that it was just after 6. We rushed to chapel in our shalwar suits, which are the colorful dresses worn by the women of India. As I sat with the children, I was in awe at how they praised God with their faces on the floor. It was like a movie scene, I swear people.

After chapel was breakfast, where I was able to try idli for the first time. It reminds me of a flying saucer-shaped grits patty, but better. Before the trip, I was worried about the food. I’m sure that’s one of the big deal breakers for most of us who are deciding about going on a missions trip. Let me tell you, this stuff is freaking good. Almost every dish has a spicy kick to it, but if not build my spicy tolerance now… when?

Throughout this week I will be giving you all what I like to call, “Missions Trip Tips” or, “MTT”. MTT #1: DON’T LISTEN TO THE NEGATIVE WARNINGS PEOPLE GIVE YOU. They may be only “trying to help,” but in reality, they don’t realize the barrier they build in front of you that makes you question why you’re going in the first place. You remember in my last post where I said I would look back and my worries would be so minuscule, right? Well, predictions come easily to me when I look at every possibility.

My eyes have seen the Spirit of the Lord move through every person here. I see the Spirit of joy and humility in the children. The adults are filled with the Spirit of generosity and hospitality. As for the elderly, I could not even begin to describe the Spirit of gratefulness and humbleness they exude. I could go on and on about everything I have witnessed here so far. Instead, I will sum it up in one sentence. Never let the fear of the unknown chain you to your comfort zone, because if you never step out, you’ll be stuck there for the rest of your life wondering “what if?”

4 Responses to “Experiencing “What If?””

  • Wow….you nailed it….as a pastor close to my heart once told me…..a blog with common sense. ..humor and love. ….thank you

  • My heart is full of joy. So proud of you and glad that you are having the time of your life. Soak it all in taking a few moments each day to look around and apply to memory. Those will be the moments you cherish for the rest of your life!

    Love you girl,
    Pastor T

  • Emily,
    I am so glad I have had the pleasure of (at one point best) befriending such a wonderful person like yourself. I’m so proud of you and it’s awesome to see you pursuing yourself. I can literally hear you saying this. I wish you the best of luck with your journey.
    Love you!

  • Emily i am so proud of you.You are so Blessed to experience God on this level.You go girl!