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Let Them Come


As I begin to write, I pray for the words. This experience has left me speechless. To say that God has humbled me is an understatement. He is showing me that He is Creator and He is in control, not me. He is showing me that many of life’s stresses don’t matter. What matters is following your heart, following Him.

This trip to India has been God’s desire for me. Before I knew where I was supposed to serve, I heard him say during prayer, “missions” and I’ve had visions of brown skinned children. I wasn’t sure where He wanted me to serve, but with more prayer and guidance, he spoke to me. I had many fears including cost of the trip, and leaving my 2-year-old child behind.

I wondered how this was all going to work out. But God provided confirmation each step of the way. He provided the funds, support from family and friends, and a mission team that is amazing. Many of them I feel like I’ve known for years. The connections are indescribable. Sure, the fears were there. But once I began to trust and know God had a plan for me, a plan to change me, to protect me, and to love me on the journey, I pushed through with full force.

I’ve always had a heart for serving children, in their innocence and natural closeness to God. They teach me to not take life too seriously, to be playful, and to find pleasure in the moment we are living. Have you ever just wanted to BE in the moment? To not think about the past or the future, just be. That is such a beautiful thing to me. “Whoever welcomes one of these children in my name welcomes me.” Mark 9:37

While here at CEM I have found that the children and adults love our presence. I thought we were here to serve, and instead, I feel like they are serving me! They make us feel welcome. The children swarm around me, asking my name, and telling me theirs. They want to know everything about me, and about my family. They ask to see pictures and want to know if I’m married. They tell me they love me because Jesus loves me.

This morning, I forgot to bring my Bible to chapel. I almost went back to get it, but decided I would do without. When it came time for Bible verses, the girl next to me turns to Psalms 111 as instructed, in her English Bible, and gives it to me. She uses her Telugu bible. If that is not God, I don’t know what is!

These children have been abandoned by their parents, many have lived in poverty, yet they are so kind. Instead of being angry, they forgive. They are like Jesus. What humbles me most is that everywhere I turn, there is joy, love, peace, kindness, and smiles on their faces. These children praise the Lord twice per day. If I am being honest, I would tell you that a part of me wants to stay. A place where praising the Lord daily is normalcy. I have never seen anyone praise the Lord with such passion as these children do.

What Jaya is doing in the community is inspiring to say the least. He houses and feeds and provides for not only his own children, but 130 or more orphans. And he gives them an opportunity to have a relationship with God. He has the Agape home on his property that consists of 25 elderly people who have been abandoned by their family. He houses several people on his staff. He built and owns the CEM hospital just down the street from where we are. In a village full of people living in huts, sleeping on mats on the cement or dirt floor, he provides hope and the love of Jesus Christ. Jaya opens his chapel to people in the village on Sundays to worship. He is humble in all he does, and has much respect from the children.

One of the verses that has stuck with me since being here at CEM is from 1 John 3:15: “See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him.” My purpose in being here was to serve, and I have found myself changed. I will go back to the United States with a new perspective of what love is, and how our love comes from one source only, Jesus Christ.

Jen for the Team

2 Responses to “Let Them Come”

  • Jen, reading this brings me JOY! God is amazing!! Your obedience to Him is allowing you to “find treasures hidden in secret places” , as it says in Isaiah. I am looking forward to you sharing all the treasures with us here and allowing us to rejoice and Praise Him with you

  • Jen, I’m reading your post with tears of pure joy streaming down my cheeks! Our God truly is
    amazing! You’re in one of the poorest countrys in the world and yet there is “great love lavished on you” One of the wonderful things about letting go of our expectations and trusting God to work is that He does things in such unexpected ways. Beyond all that we ask or even imagine! I praise Him for loving on you the ways that only He could! I’m thankful that your heart wanted to go and you were obedient!! Blessings!