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For Your Grace is Sufficient for Me…


“Jesus loves me, Jesus Loves you, and so, I love you”. You cannot walk around CEM (Christ Evangelistic Mission) for very long without hearing that phrase come from the lips of the children here…and it is genuine. I am quite blown away by how welcoming and hospitable the people of India are to us. Both outside on the street and inside the complex of CEM people are very happy to see us. What is so refreshing is how welcoming our hosts have been, as you can see by some of the pictures we have posted.

It is refreshing because, “welcoming” is not one of our culture’s strong suits in the states. We have our version of welcoming people into our home and into what we are doing, but the people of India have taken this to a level most of our team has not experienced before. From the amazing foods, to the homemade garlands at the airport, to the flowers thrown onto our heads upon arriving, to the genuine smiles from everyone, you can’t help but feel as if we are genuinely wanted and welcomed here. In chapel, all the kids are begging you to sit with them, they hug you constantly, and love to hold your hand. I may bring one home, lol!

However, before this trip to India, I had my mind on another trip I am taking at the end of February and on my schedule for the next few weeks. Even on the plane, I was not even really thinking about India, but mostly on where the next stop was, when we will be getting there, and how absolutely tired I was. So, I started praying to God that He would begin to give me a heart full of passion for what our team was about to do and what He wanted from me. I wanted to love India like He does. As I write this post, I can’t believe how much Christ has communicated to my heart the absolute love He has for the people of India. The culture here is so rich, and so creative. It is almost as if He wanted to show me how creative He is and how diverse He can be. The people here are so full of emotion, love, and kindness. I hear Jesus telling me to rest in His love for me and to give that love to His people here in this little corner of India.


As I spoke today in church on the message of Grace it dawned on me how powerful His grace is. In a nation that is predominately Hindu, Christ offers His grace. There is no earning His love, no working toward acceptance through actions, and no trying harder. Grace is free…here in India and in Austin.

John Short

One Response to “For Your Grace is Sufficient for Me…”

  • That “short” story made me crave seeing more of His love flowing thru us here back in Austin —
    How beautiful to see this written version, told so spectacularly thru the photos being shared.

    Thanks for helping us to be there too!!! Expand our vision more!