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  • emily-1273

Emily’s back. Did ya miss me?! I can certainly tell you that I really miss all of you; and I admit homesickness is kicking in lately. We seriously only have 1 day left and Satan decides to mess with my emotions at the perfect time. Up until now it’s been difficult to process what I’ve experienced because there has been so little time to do so. From the kids screaming “Games?! Games?!” in your face to the days when we’re out and about exploring, quiet time is a scarcity.

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  • Church-0012

Hey everyone – Emily here!

Boy, am I exhausted. Even after my first night with 9 hours of sleep, rest still taunts me. I guess I should mention that I only slept about 3 hours total on the plane. Well, planes. That’s alright with me though, because I got to watch a few movies I was hoping to catch up on. The airline food wasn’t as bad as I imagined it to be. Aside from that, I briefly got acquainted with the Arizona folks who joined us on our flight in Detroit. It’s been a pleasure serving with them so far, as I can already see their beautiful hearts.

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  • GO!

GO!Hi again! Last time I talked about our team meetings and how they calmed my nerves. In this blog post, I would like to inform you that I’m leaving for India in TWO DAYS. Guess what? The nerves are back again. Right when I thought I was in the clear, Satan threw me a curve ball. I’m currently writing this, not having been able to eat much today. The closer the date gets, the more it hits me that I’m traveling across the world to a country nothing like the one I reside in.

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  • Window Panes

Welcome back and thank you for coming on this journey with me! Last time, I told you about some of my excitement and some of my angst about going on this adventure. I’m overjoyed to tell you that a lot of that angst was quieted with a couple of meetings. The friendships I’m already developing with the mission team and the founder of CEM, Jaya Sankar, who was visiting Kensington last month, have replaced the fears that gripped my heart so tightly. It began with Jaya telling his story to our Global Outreach team.

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  • Emily - Soon to be world traveler

Editor’s Note: We get asked a lot about what it is like at CEM, but often when we invite people to come and see firsthand the amazing work of CEM and their reply is often, “Oh I could never…” Much of the time, it’s the unknown that is most likely to make a person disqualify themselves; so we decided to “pull back the curtain” and let you hear one person’s story – from the moment they are challenged to take the trip to the months after when God is revealing himself even when they are back in the U.S. You can follow Emily’s story the whole way.

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