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Help A Street Kid Become A School Kid.

Education is the number one way for children to break out of the cycle of poverty in India. CEM is at the forefront in providing this life saving education to those who need it most – children in the poorest areas of rural India. We’ve expanded our commitment to them through the construction of a new building, which has the capacity to educate and equip 400 students. Not only will we be able to provide a great education for the kids at the Grace Children’s Home, we will also be able to expand our reach into Dowlaiswaram and the surrounding neighborhoods.

With a greater commitment comes a new opportunity for you to help. Launching a new school takes a lot of resources, from furniture to schoolbooks. You can make a one-time donation or partner with us by sponsoring a teacher or adopting a classroom. One-time or recurring gifts from partners like you can change the lives of countless children, their families, and the very face of India today.

Click here to support education at CEM for as little as $10 a month.