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Impact India 360

imageToday we had an amazing breakthrough. Josh Procknow and I had asked Jaya if we could ride motorcycles through town. At 4:00, as we were getting ready to leave, Jaya got a call from Raja Babu, the city representative of Dowlaiswaram. He said to come to the district government office to meet with Bhimarao about the Agape land. Jaya had told Baba Raju that many Board Members of Impact India 360 would be here this week, and that was all it took for Baba Raju, who has been a good friend of CEM over the year, to push the agenda.

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This is a banner season in the life of Impact India 360 and CEM, and it all began with the passion of a few that grew into something amazing. Let me tell you the story:

We’ve been connecting with CEM for over twelve years now, and it is uncanny how the team simply addresses social problems as they encounter them, and this one is no different. India has seen exponential growth over the past two decades, becoming a major world economic power seemingly overnight. But one of the downsides of that growth is the dissolution of family norms that have been a part of the culture for thousands of years.

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