Join us for Sweet Dreams as we spend eight days – October 19-26 – focusing on the specific needs of the elderly in our Agape Old Age Home in Dowlaiswaram, India.

Together, we can fill the newly-finished-but-standing-empty facility with warm, soft beds for every elder in our care, bring more elders off the streets and into our Home, and meet the needs of elders in the greater community.



As we grow older, we face deep vulnerability for a second time in our lives. Just as when we were very young, we need the care of loved ones. But poor families in India are abandoning their parents and elderly relatives to the streets.


There are 18 million homeless elders in India today. Each one has a name and a story.


Let’s give her back her dignity. Let’s give him a home in which to belongLet’s give her a soft place to rest her head each night.


Their final days, and final nights, can be filled with Sweet Dreams.

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You can make a difference. Your gift is a tangible way to show the abandoned elders of India that they are seen and worthy of love.


With your help, our elders gain two vital factors to living fully. They gain a sense of family back in the shared spaces of the Agape Old Age Home and a cozy bed all their own.


A bed symbolizes so much to someone who has wandered the streets and slept on cold cement. It says “you are home now” and “you can rest now” and “we’ll take care of you” and “you matter and this space is all yours.”



To give via check, please make out to Impact India 360 with “Sweet Dreams” on the memo line and mail to:

Impact India 360 

1825 E Square Lake Rd

Troy, MI  48085

Use of Funds

All funds raised during the Sweet Dreams fundraiser will go toward beds and bedding for Agape Old Age Home and for bringing additional abandoned elders into the care of C.E.M.



Impact India 360 is the U.S.-based organization that supports the work of Jaya Sankar and the ministries of Christ Evangelical Mission (CEM). Additional partnerships of C.E.M. include Kensington Church and Gateway Church.

Life-changing care for the most vulnerable.

Impact India 360 is a 501(c)3 tax exempt nonprofit organization.

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1825 E Square Lake Road

Troy, MI 48085