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Our Impact

Children are thrown out like trash. The elderly are abandoned.
Is it overwhelming? Yes.
Can we do something about it. Heck yes.

"If you can't feed 100, then just feed one."

Since Founder Jaya felt God's calling to give hope to orphaned children, his eyes were opened to the needs of many other people groups. Impact India 360 has grown to a holistic ministry, also supporting vulnerable women, the elderly population, children and spiritual leaders. 


Rescuing Orphans

Grace Children's Home

Our solution to the orphaned and abandoned children is Grace Children’s Home, a refuge to 200 children. Through the NoChild partnership, each child is given hope by receiving food, shelter, clothing, mentoring, and an education.


Empowering Women

Sewing Training School

The Sewing Training School teaches women tailoring, dressmaking, and embroidery techniques. During the one-year vocational program each student receives room and board, instruction, and sewing materials. Upon completion of the program, the student is given a new sewing machine, and the skills and tools to start a new life.


A Future for Children

Jaya English Medium School

A quality education opens doors to higher learning, dignified employment, and social mobility. The Jaya English Medium School (JEMS) enrolls more than 100 students that come from all backgrounds, religions, and castes. The future is bright for these students!


Loving the Elderly

Agape Old Age Home

The Agape Old Age Home is a refuge to elderly people who have been abandoned by their families, or left to fend for themselves due to a myriad of challenging circumstances. The home provides food, shelter, clothing, medical care and genuine friendship. 


Saving Lives

Medical Clinic

​We dreamed big—wanting not only a place of hope for the poor who could not afford care—but a center of medical excellence that would become the destination of choice for the growing number of paying clients as well. We shifted the paradigm from a “mission hospital” that traditionally fails within five to 10 years to a “hospital with a mission” that leverages the income from paying clients to provide basic medical care for all. ​

  • Averaging over 3,000 outpatient treatments per year

  • 180 inpatient surgeries

  • 90 babies delivered in a safe environment

  • 20 medical camps in partnership with church plants provided medical care to nearly 5,000 people


Equipping Disciples

Ministry Training School

Select men and women are recruited for a two-year intensive training program, which equips them to be spiritual leaders in their communities. The program produces pastors, church planters, and evangelists to carry the Good News and represent the teachings of Christ to unreached people in India. 

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