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Who We Are

The world is better for so many because of the generosity and deep compassion for the poor, needy and vulnerable. We are all God's children.

Jaya Sankar, Founder

There is an amazing movement of God's kingdom in and through the people of this mission. There is a special place in my heart for the people of India.

Jim Mayes, Executive Director

Being face-to-face with the people who we have the privilege to support solidifies that love transcends borders. We are all worthy and deserving of love, regardless of geography, ethnicity and religion.

Kimberly Myers-Pinkel, Supporter

Board of Directors


Jim Mayes

II360 Executive Director, Director Of Operations at Kensington Church, MI


Jeff Petherick

II360 President, Partner Emeritus at NorthPointe Capital

Kimberly Watson-Hemphill

President at Firefly Consulting, Faculty at the Acton School of Business


Craig Mayes

Chief Spiritual and Community Life Officer & Interim co-CEO of the Bowery Mission, NYC


Sal Aragona

President of Aragona Sleep

Expert Sleep Instructor at

International Academy of Sleep


John Burke

Lead Pastor at Gateway Church, Austin, TX


Chris Cook

Director of Care Initiatives at Kensington Church, Troy, MI


David Droste

Executive Pastor at Solid Rock Christian Fellowship, Prescott, AZ


Stephanie Valentine

Retired President of Avanti Consulting Group, LLC, Rochester, MI

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