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July 31-August 5, 2021  |  Mt. Elbert, CO



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Hope Climb is a special annual event held by Impact India 360 for outdoor enthusiasts who undertake a physically challenging climb or hike in order to lift others out of poverty.

With each step uphill, our team is symbolically pulling others up too – especially those trapped in severe poverty in the lowest castes of India.

As we ascend Mt. Elbert – the highest peak in the Colorado Rockies – we'll be meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the most vulnerable in India.

Imagine: favorite summer memory meets a worthy mission in the name of Jesus!



Why are we doing this?

Because we’re passionate about making a difference in this world by supporting the life-changing work of Impact India 360.

Impact India 360 is doing good in Dowalaiswaram, India – in the name of Jesus – by educating vulnerable children, housing and loving orphans and abandoned elders, giving medical care to the poorest in the community, planting churches that bring Jesus to many, training missionaries and giving sewing skills to at-risk women, investing in community development, and more!



These are the folks that are making the ascent! See someone you know? Click on their name and give them a gift to reach their support goal!