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September 7-13, 2023  |  Machu Picchu

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Hope Climb is a special event held by Impact India 360 for outdoor enthusiasts who undertake a physically challenging climb or hike in order to lift others out of poverty.

With each step uphill, our team is symbolically pulling others up too – especially those trapped in severe poverty in the lowest castes of India.

As we ascend to Machu Picchu, we'll be meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the most vulnerable in India.



What about the civil unrest?

Machu Picchu was temporarily closed due to civil unrest; but our guide company, Alpaca Expeditions, has advised us that it has reopened and no complications are forecasted at the time of our hike.

When is the deadline to register? 

Monday, March 13th.

What flights would we need?

We will need to leave the evening of September 7th and that will get us there in time to rest up before we begin. There are flights that leave the evening of September 12 to come home if needed. We will coordinate flights as soon as we have a better idea of who is on the team.

How much do we need to raise? 

$8000 goal for a team of two or $5000 goal for solo. This includes the $750 for the company we are hiring, the tents, the food on the mountain, the hotel first night and last night, and team meal 1st night and last night.

Keep in mind these are the goals. Some will raise more and some may raise less. Funds can be raised until the end of 2023; and we can help you with fundraising ideas and we also can provide Impact India 360 letterhead for your letters.


How long is the hike? 

This package is a 4 day/3 night adventure. We would fly in the day before and head out the day after. Detailed in the brochures below.

What is our trek?

Our trek will be on the Inca trail. Click here for a detailed map.

What city do we fly into? 

Lima, Peru and then a small commuter to Cusco.

Do we need to have all of the gear needed for a hike like this? 

No, everything you need can be rented from Alpaca Expeditions

Do I need to be an experienced hiker to participate? 

No, the Inca trail is the easier of the trails up. However, you will need to train and get your cardio up. Elevation is above 13,000 feet.

What about airfare and scheduling? 

Once we have the team built, we can purchase the flights to get us into Lima. We will have the hotel purchased by then, so we can know where to go once we get in.

What are we raising money for? 

Orphan care, elderly rescue, and prenatal care. From August to December of 2022, our hospital delivered 151 babies free of charge, but subsidize with $1000's from Impact India 360.

How many can go? 

We have room for up to 20 participants.



Please click here and leave a deposit of at least $50.00 (the permit is $200 and non-refundable and non-transferable).  Please make sure you put in your name exactly how it states on your passport on the donation form. We will monitor the site for your donation and get the $200 permit started as soon as we see the donation. We will confirm your deposit and the permit.
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