As the COVID-19 pandemic shut down opportunity in India's larger cities, inhabitants of the region surrounding CEM who had been working in the cities for their economic security realized that they had none.

By the thousands, they returned to the social security of their home and families; but many brought the virus with them as well. Rajahmundry has become one of India's "hot spots" for Coronavirus and the need has become more dire.


CEM, our partner on the ground, has sprung into action to help families in the lockdown and the migrant workers who have returned to little or no support.

They have assembled and distributed hundreds of food packs, enough for a family to have at least seven nourishing meals.

In addition, over three thousand emergency meal packs have been given to returning migrant workers.

Please join us in supporting our friends working tirelessly on the front lines of the pandemic in India.


Provides family essentials for a week:

  • 5 kg rice 

  • 1 kg lentil

  • 1 kg cooking oil

  • 1 kg sugar

  • 1 kg wheat flour

  • 2 kgs onions

  • 2 kgs potatoes



Provides individual meal relief:

  • Cooked rice & curry

  • Yogurt Curd

  • Water Pocket



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Life-changing care for the most vulnerable.

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